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2023 Venue Inclusions

Event Time

6 Hours EarlyBird/or 7 Hours

Setup (2-3) Hour prior to event/ Breakdown (1) Hour after event. 

 Events are not allowed to end later than 12am.


Tables & Chairs

Up to 12-60' round tables up to 100 champagne chiavari chairs

Up to 6-6ft rectangle tables and up to 5- 30' round cocktail tables


Guest Table Linens

Choose from any color- 120’ round satin linen for guest tables



Choose from silver or gold acrylic/glass chargers for guest tables


Bar Area

Bar area with prep counter and full sink. 


Event Manager 

Professionally trained staff member to assist with coordinating the details for your event 

Speaker System

Venue is equipped with sophisticated self controlled Sonos system with built in speakers and bluetooth connectivity. Additional speakers are not required. 

Full Room Uplighting- Sophisticated room uplighting in any color

Complimentary Wifi

Access free wifi throughout your event

Window Decor- White chiffon window drapery


Rental Enhancements

Full Service Event Coordinator- Custom Price


Specialty Linens (sequin, rosette, runners) $17/$5

Customized Full Room Drapery Design $1500+

Premium Glass Drink Ware $2 each

Luxe Glass Charger Plates $5 each

5 piece Dessert Columns (White, Black, Gold) $250

Specialty table & chair rental TBD

Organic Balloon arch $300+

Throne Chairs $150+  each

Pink Telephone Booth $400

White Dessert Cart $300

Floral Design TBD

Additional Set Up Time $125 per hour

Bartender Attendant- Priced Per Hour $100+

Skilled  bartender to serve alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks during your event. 


NOTE: Bartender/Bartending service is required in order to serve alcoholic beverages at The Luxe Ballroom. 


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